It’s not all about Voice Directing.  In addition to voice direction, Debra will also cast your series, movie, web game, promo, whatever you need.  She will set up the auditions, read the characters, and hand you the top (1, 2, 3) selections that will best represent your show.

There’s also her popular Cartoon Workshop where hundreds of Canadian voice actors have honed their skills. 

Debra has taught animation voice over independently and continues to teach for companies like Voiceworx, and the Canadian Film Center.

Please check out my:  WHAT'S UP PAGE  for more details on my next workshop. 

Maybe you’re a voice agent who wants to give their actors that extra little push.  Debra will come to your studio, will work with you and your actors, and help them get closer to booking that job.

For the actors, let’s not forget individual coaching sessions.  You’ve got a big audition coming up and you want to be as prepared as possible.  

And last but not least, is Voice Directing. 

With over her 20 years of Voice Directing experience, Debra will direct your voice actors, schedule your show, paper cast additional characters - and bring it all together for an award winning production. 

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